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    Originally posted by The Dali View Post

    Now that i see it i don’t like it, especially with the fact that you would likely seem wood missing ... i think would look for another body option.

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    I know, it is kind of rough This is the hardest pup I've taken in so far. That's why I asked here!

    I did talk to a friend at Woodcraft, and they have some ash scrap they will give me. I'm thinking, as suggested to fit a chunk of new wood in there. The tolerances are freaking me out, though. I'll have to route into the mount area a bit?

    Anyway, I'm going to go with it! I have a spare SH-11 to place in the bridge position. The guitar came with VMOD singles which seem decent. I'll put those in the mid and neck placement. I'm fairly sure these Lite Ash Strat's came from the factory with Seymour Duncan single coils?

    Anyone tried a Custom Custom (Sh-11) in Ash?

    Thank you for EVERY response. I super appreciate it!
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      Yeah, they came with Alnico II single coils. I think they were the flat ones, but I don't remember. They sounded great in these guitars. One of the best ideas Fender had for their strats in recent years.
      Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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        Finally completed this one I ended up routing out all the diseased areas on the top and replacing it with fresh ash. After some black grain filler, a healthy dose of gel stain with a top coat it turned out well.

        Getting the Floyd settled was a pain in the rear, but figured it out. The Sh-11 sounds great, and the V-mods are certainly better than the MIM singles I had in that guard previously.

        Thanks for the tips, guys
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          That looks like quite the machine! I love projects like this, as they force me to learn new skills, and solve problems I never had before. The best thing a guitar can have is a good story.
          Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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            It looks awesome! Glad you got it sorted.


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              When did you start playing a Strat? Did you get rid of the Blackjack?
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