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    Originally posted by beaubrummels View Post
    There's a significant difference between what players play and what collectors collect.
    This wasn't always the case. Before brands came out with one offs and limited editions, people lusted after stock Fenders and Gibsons. Over the years, limited editions came out, which kept the value high, even if the piece itself wasn't all that great. Now it is so easy to follow trends: a certain color Strat made in 1981 is sold for a high price on Reverb, well now there is a record of that transaction that is searchable. So 1981 Fenders being sold use that as a benchmark, even if 'value' isn't there. It is all about 'trends' now, more than anything.
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      Originally posted by NegativeEase View Post
      Well, here's another for $65,000 on Ebay.

      Lots of detail from the seller.
      Surprise Surprise....... no takers.....

      Reduced 10k

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        PM me when it it hits $38k.
        Originally posted by Bad City
        He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...