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Chipping finish on a maple neck

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  • Chipping finish on a maple neck

    My Fender P thick glossy poly on the maple fretboard. The other day I was giving her a good cleaning and noticed some spots where the poly either didn't reach when they were spraying, or has chipped off, so the bare wood is exposed. Is it worthwhile or necessary to try and fill in those spots with finish? I'd have to use something really small like a fingernail polish brush, the chipped spots are quite small - maybe a few millimeters in any direction. But there's probably 8 of those spots that I found upon an intimate inspection. And I care more about preserving the wood - if this is needed - than any kind of obsessive desire to have my instrument be flawless or something. Thanks!
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    Pictures would be a big help in rendering wise advice.
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      You're almost certainly fine to just ignore it. Maple is a reasonably stable wood, a couple tiny chips aren't going to let enough moisture in to hurt it. If you're really concerned, maybe rub some danish oil into the spots . . . but even that is going to be overkill. A lot of people sand the poly off the back of their necks and play without problems.
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        Like GuitarStv said...just ignore the chips, it's not going to hurt anything at all.
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          If they are down to bare wood, you may end up with discolored spots.
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            Originally posted by alex1fly View Post
            I care more about preserving the wood - if this is needed
            It's not needed. Finish just reduces wear, nothing happens if there's exposed wood beyond it getting dirty faster. I have 6 unfinished guitars and they haven't blown up so far. Look at SRV's #1. Did it blow up or something treacherous happen to it?
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