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Good guitar techs.

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  • Good guitar techs.

    It's nice to have one. I know a guy named Joe. Great player. He toured with Chubby Checker many moons back. Told me an interesting story but I won't repeat it here as it was in confidence.

    Anyhoo, he fixed the rough fret ends on my Charvel and gave it a nice set-up. Had it back to me in a few days. He's a great guy and has always done me solid. Didn't charge too much so I put a nice cherry on top. So keep your tech happy. They're worth every penny!

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    There are a few in this area that I trust. It is like finding a good mechanic. Gotta hang on to them.
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      Of course they're rare. The pay sucks.

      You might luck out with somebody retired, on disability, or temporarily unemployed... or occasionally a flipper who is competent at mods and maintenance and mainly does it for making connections to buy/trade guitar stuff for cheap (deals that heavily favor him only, of course)

      But then flippers either aren't doing so well anymore due to everybody checking prices online, or have gone waaaaaay upmarket
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        Yeah, just called him to say an extra thanks. Have some crackes on my Taylor. Asked if he does acoustics too. Said, "No problem." Have had a few on the top but I noticed a 4 incher on the back near the end pin the other day. She's about 20 years old and been road hard. 310CE. Thinking about retiring the old girl and going for an 800 or 900 or perhaps getting Falbo to make me one.


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          Honestly, most average shop techs in my area are not as good as myself at setups and most repairs I would need (I haven't done every type of repair -especially acoustic)

          They have a 2 yr school locally that cranks out guitar luthiers -but many of not most are interested in guitars by nature and don't have a great foundation with craftsman part of it for several years out of school. I cringe watching some of these younger guys at there bench using tools incorrectly, soldering incorrectly, power tools wrong etc..-but everyone grows and learns and most basic stuff doesn't need a master or journeyman but, just not paying for them to learn on my guitars usually.

          There's one guy locally that his website touts all his international work and fame at being a luthier, but it's all sales hype -he's average at best and has done some crap work on one of my guitars years ago that f*cked up an important gig onstage for me.

          The really good ones and in demand ones here are usually doing tours often etc and hard to get time with or do word of mouth appointment stuff at their home when their older.

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            Now, amp techs are increasingly harder to find.
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