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Does a LP with a Floyd sound like a Les Paul?

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    As pretty much everyone has said, it isn't a simple yes or no, but it's a hell of a lot closer to a yes.

    I remember when I would frequent a couple of Les Paul forums when I was first getting into gear, and the way people talk on there would make you think that anything less than a '59 LP Standard reissue with aftermarket, boutique P.A.F.s, period correct ABR-1 bridge, and a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, might as well be a Squier and could NEVER sound like a REAL Les Paul.

    And being young and ignorant I believed it for a longggggg time, not quite to that degree, but I definitely thought that any LP that deviated from that formula was somehow lesser and just wouldn't sound like all my favorite records recorded with Les Pauls.

    I don't remember exactly when I realized what a load of horse**** that was, probably after I played enough guitars and spent enough money to realize that if there is some magic, pure, Les Paul 'sound, it is a whole hell of a lot easier to achieve than the snobs would have you believe.

    IMO a Lester's a Lester and the rest of your rig and your own ability are gonna have more of an affect on your tone, by an *order of magnitude*, than a Floyd Rose ever could.

    *I should note that I'm not saying all Les Pauls sound good because god knows there are some real stinkers out there, but that's gonna be guitar by guitar, and not specific to any one piece of hardware or modification.
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      My Les Paul Custom with a Kahler sure does.
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        I think the Les Paul Lites which came out many years ago, sounded like an LP, at like 2/3rd the thickness. In the end, it would be hard to hear a single LP in isolation and decide what you are hearing has a Floyd or not.
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          I have a Standard, Memphis, Lite, and Traditional they all have a different vibe but all sound 100% Les Paul.

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            Originally posted by Securb View Post
            I have a Standard, Memphis, Lite, and Traditional they all have a different vibe but all sound 100% Les Paul.

            NIIICE RACK!