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Problems with the electronics on my Korina Explorer

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  • Problems with the electronics on my Korina Explorer

    My Korina explorer arrived today and when I take my hand of the strings there is a loud humming noise. Plus sometimes when I shut off the neck volume and the bridge volume the sound does not shut off all the way. There is still sound leaking through. It's a 2008 so do you think I should put it a new neck and bridge pot? Not sure about the loud hum when I take my hand away from the strings.

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    check to see if it's grounded


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      Not grounded, for sure.
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        Can you confirm that this is happening when in a different building connected to different electricity, too?
        As far as the volume not completely off, that is a ground issue, so you might try to post some clear photos of the electronics here.
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          Ground issue, as said. Easy fix overall.
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            The volume not going to zero can also sometimes be cured by a shot of Deoxit. Anyone who owns a guitar, should have a can of Deoxit. One can is usually a lifetime supply.