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What model Strat is this?

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    Definitely has a roller nut, cool color too. As mentioned, that's a Strat Plus from probably the mid 90s, don't remember exactly when that color came out.


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      Originally posted by Mincer View Post
      The Strat Plus and Strat Ultra were 2 of my favorite Strats, ever.
      The Ultra was amazing with the dual Red Lace Sensors in the bridge, ebony fingerboard, locking tuners. There were a couple at the shop I used to work at. Always wanted one of them.

      I totally forgot about the Wilky roller nut before the LSR so yeah, mid-90's era for this one.


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        Originally posted by beaubrummels View Post
        Every picture I can find of Charles "Skip" Pitts (Isaac Hayes' guitar player) he has some kind of metallic reverse fade Strat with what looks like Lace Sensors. Anyone recognize the specific model? Is it just an early Clapton or Beck model? The bridge appears to be modern with heavy saddles. Looks like a roller nut also.

        It looks like an early nineties US strat plus deluxe. I have one with the red, silver and blue lace sensors, Wilkinson roller nut and that super low profile bridge design. It had that TBX feature on the tone.

        I think this model may be the old Clapton model which was very similar to the plus deluxe. The silver laces and the silver paint are tell tale signs.


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          those look like gold lace pups to my eyes which is what the clapton had but i dont think the clapton ever had the reverse silverburst finish or the lsr nut or that bridge


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            I may be mistaken about the silver vs gold lace pickups for the Clapton model.