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Philosophical Question: Strat/Les Paul vs. “Hybrid”

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    Originally posted by PFDarkside View Post

    Mahogany body, Maple Cap
    Double cut
    2 Humbuckers - with many split options/rotary switch
    Mahogany neck, rosewood board
    25" Scale, 24 frets
    Classic tremolo/locking tuners (Wilkinson)
    Glued in neck
    5 = PRS
    Originally posted by Bad City
    He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...


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      I keep saying a Warmoth Les Paul.... Single cut, full thickness maple cap.
      Oh no.....

      Oh Yeah!


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        yea Im thinking 9
        Epi LP100 - just better

        Just here surfing Guitar Pron
        RG2EX1 w/ SD hot-rodded pickups / RG4EXFM1 w/ Carvin S22j/b + FVN middle
        SR500 / Martin 000CE-1/Epiphone Hummingbird
        Epiphone Florentine with OEM Probuckers
        Ehdwuld branded Blue semi hollow custom with JB/Jazz
        Reptile Green Gibson Custom Studio / Aqua Dean Shire semi hollow with piezo
        Carvin Belair / Laney GC80A Acoustic Amp (a gift from Guitar Player Mag)
        GNX3000 (yea I'm a modeler)


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          Originally posted by alex1fly View Post
          8. Some Les Pauls have maple tops. Really the only thing on there definitely "Strat" is the bolt-on neck. IMO. Start nudging the electronics though and the number starts to change...
          Given the only production Les Pauls that don't have a maple cap are the R4 and R7 Custom (which are by far the 2 lowest selling models), you'd put it practically at every Les Paul has a maple top.

          What electronics nudging are you going to do that is going to make a Les Paul sound more like a Fender though.....given that the OP was about 2 humbuckers, and electronics usually means pots and caps for most people?
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