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  • weepingminotaur
    Don't really have a signature guitar per se but if I could design one, I'd go for a neck-through, 24-fret Les Paul-shape HSS with a Fender scale because I never see that combination of body shape, neck construction, fret #, scale, and electronics and I would buy the heck out of it if it were available.
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  • chadd
    Originally posted by esandes View Post
    I can start by revising my favorite guitars.

    1. Gibson R7 gold top custom shop but with Slash pickups and SS jumbo frets.
    I love my R7 with the Slash set, but it's a burst. Definitely plan to do stainless when it comes time for a refret

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  • Kac
    Originally posted by Kac View Post

    This is the one I put together. For my custom shop guitar I would certainly keep the rosewood neck and the locking tuners. (Deep C neck profile, 9.5 inch radius, 22 narrow tall frets, bone nut) I would want to try an EVH 78 in there to see if I liked it more or less than the pearly gates.
    Maybe a more unique green color for my custom model as well. Thanks
    Changed out the Pearly Gates to the custom shop EVH ‘78 Trembucker. Confirmed the ‘78 is my favorite pickup of all time.

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  • Aceman
    Les Paul Standard / Cherry Sunburst, AKA: #1

    3 piece Maple Neck
    High ratio Gotoh tuners
    Duncan Distortion
    SD Custom Shop T-Top Neck
    500k pots / 50's wiring

    Now, the Steve Dallas Sig model is a bit different....

    Dean Cadillac / Faded Denim - Matching Headstock
    Chrome hardware
    Lightly Flamed Maple Neck
    Highly flamed Maple Cap
    Mahogany Body
    Abolony Logo & Square Inlays
    Duncan Pearly Gates and Custom
    Tapped - Push/Pull Tones
    500k Pots

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  • JamesPaul
    I want mine to be a Gibson, Cobalt Burst, Johnny A Signature model with a Bigsby! Pickups TBD but I am leaning towards SH-1 '59s and add Triple Shot rings. Everything else stock.

    If it is based on what I have played the most, they would examine my '96 Epiphone Les Paul Classic and reproduce it. It would have a double black SH-5 Custom and SH-2n Jazz set as that is what I initially installed in it, unless covered double crème becomes an option once again. If the latter, the bridge would change to a TB-5 Custom. Again I would add Triple Shot rings for more tonal variety. Finish options would be Heritage Cherry, Tobacco, Trans Amber Bursts and Gold, Goldtop, Black solid which are the colors of all my Les Pauls.

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  • Mincer
    I'd absolutely need 2 humbuckers and 22 frets. Most likely scalloped stainless frets. Purty wood.

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  • Clint 55
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Spaghetti Bolo

    Well the idea is to design "your" signature guitar. I like Les Pauls, some like Strats, you like what you like. No wrong choice really. I like your concept though. It would be a VERY pricey guitar. Would it be neck through?

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Gibson Les Paul
    Mahogany Body Maple Cap
    Double Ring Kluson Tuners
    Stainless Frets
    60's Slim Taper Neck
    60's Spec Headstock
    Aged Ivory Binding, Pickup Rings, Poker Chip
    59 Truss Rod Cover
    Seymour Antiquities Stock
    Vintage Spec wiring with Bumble Bee Caps
    Gold Top hats w/Indicators
    ABR-1 Bridge
    Aged Hardware
    Choice of Gold Top or Lemon Drop finish
    Plain Top only
    Stamped Serial Numbers
    Murphy Lab Medium Relicing
    Aged Deluxe Case w/Blanket

    Limited to 100 of Each Color
    Comes with Silver Peso Guitar Pick, Bottle Neck Slide
    Strung with Dunlop Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Brand Strings
    No weight relief.
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  • PS412
    Not to sure.
    No single coils, probably made of some sort of metal, at least partially. Fretless, I don't have one of those.
    I'm easy.

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  • Cynical
    My absolute favorite guitar is my Kiesel Ultra-V, and my favorite neck ever is on my friend's Jackson RR1, so my spec is based on combining what I like about those with some tweaks:

    Pointy Symmetrical V shape (think Jackson King V)
    Neck through body, maple neck, maple wings, flamed maple top, ebony fretboard, jumbo frets, 12-16" compound radius, thin C profile (ideally very similar to the Jackson Soloist/Randy Rhoads profile), 25" scale length
    M22SD/M22V pickups (yes, I know they're discontinued, but I'm assuming no limits here), 1 volume, 1 tone, push/pull coil split on the tone knob
    Locking tuners, Hipshot fixed bridge. Gloss transparent red finish on the body and headstock, clear satin on the back of the neck.

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  • Karloff
    I'll take a Gibson ES-335, little shy of a 50's neck, ebony fretboard, trapezoid inlays, Grover tuners, Classic 57 pickups, cream binding, binding around the headstock, flame maple top, Honeyburst finish, medium jumbo frets, top hat knobs.
    almost the guitar I'm playing in my avatar.
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  • esandes
    I can start by revising my favorite guitars.

    1. Gibson R7 gold top custom shop but with Slash pickups and SS jumbo frets.

    2. Fender Jazzmaster Thurston Moore but with a recessed neck, Mastery bridge, 1 11/16" nut width, SS jumbo frets.

    I'd like to build a custom G&L tele with a modern classic profile maple neck/fretboard, ash body, string through hard tail but I am not sure about what pickups to use. Recessed neck as well.

    A HSS strat along the same lines as the tele but with a 500k volume pot at the 2nd pot location for the HB and a 250k pot for the SCs at the 3rd pot location. I never liked the 1st pot location near the bridge SC so that would be gone. Probably a 78 bridge and definitely SSL1 mid and neck.

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    If I were to boil it down to bare necessities for specs, I'd have to go with:

    I'd have to start with two versions: One each, Floyd Rose and some kind of hardtail (there are times I prefer either).

    Mahogany body with some kind of interesting top, since I tend to like seeing the grain of the wood.

    Probably a standard Strat body shape, but wouldn't mind something different like the Knaggs Tuckahoe (like this:

    For pickups, I lean toward the DiMarzio Super Distortion / PAF Pro combo, DiMarzio Transition set, DiMarzios from the EBMM Axis / EVH series, or a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates set. These seem to be what I gravitate toward most.

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  • chadd
    I'd have to go with a Kauer Banshee (modified firebird style) with the mods I've done to mine. Steinberger tuners and Bigsby. I'd love to have a bridge pickup that can get me thicker humbucker tones, like my Rio Baby-BBQ but can be tapped to give me the chime of the Lollars that came with it. Doug has been doing some crazy finishes lately and I'd do a couple sparkly ones.

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