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NGD: PRS 305

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    Always like a white suit.
    Originally posted by crusty philtrum
    Anyone who *sings* at me through their teeth deserves to have a bus drive through their face


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      Originally posted by alex1fly View Post
      Always like a white suit.
      It looks white in the pic, but it’s Frost Blue.

      Got to play with some volume earlier. Used a ‘65 Deluxe with a little dirt setting on my Mustang, and it seemed a lot more Stratty than with the Orange patch.

      Normally, I’m not really into the 2 and 4 positions, but they’re great on the 305. Way meatier than I’m used to, and interesting to note, the pickups are not rwrp. They’re real singles, so you do get some buzz, but it’s not overbearing at all.

      Like every other PRS I’ve played, the pickups respond to dynamics really well, and are super responsive to the controls. Clean up really nicely, and the tone control is useful for the entire sweep.

      Bottom line, I really, really like this guitar. A lot.
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