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    Originally posted by Chistopher View Post
    I picked mine because it was the same color as my car at the time. I later found out that both were factory resprays. The Strat was metallic blue over Aztec gold, the car was metallic blue over metallic red.
    anyway to get a picture of either or both?
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      I knew nothing, I just wanted a Fender Stratocaster like Dave Murray from Iron Maiden so I got a 96 Sambora MIM, which i swapped pickups more times I can recall. Great choice by luck, 18 years later got me a Charvel SoCal, it was a very nice step forward and a very informed buy after knowing all the specs I wanted in a Super Strat.

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      Who took my guitar?


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        Simple really. Prior to a rehearsal one day we were short of a microphone stand. Therefore, the singer and I quickly took a detour to the music shop whilst en route to our rehearsal space. I then left said shop with a PRS US/Core series Custom 24 floyd, as well as the all important microphone stand!

        PRS were not particularly on my list back then, but I gave it a whirl as it was second hand, immaculate, and I was curious whilst we were killing time. It was, and remains the best playing/sounding guitar I've ever played, and very much my #1 ever since

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