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Using multimeter to find grounding issues

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  • Using multimeter to find grounding issues

    Does anyone have some tips for how to use a multimeter to track grounding issues? I’d like to be able to track between output jack and pots, pot to pot, pots to switch, pots to pick-ups, etc.

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    Any DC K reading/setting on the meter will do. You are looking for continuity (0k) to confirm a good contact. If the meter fluctuates or takes a long time but gets to 0 eventually this is a suspect joint. An error reading or the meter's open symbol means a complete joint failure.


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      Like he said above

      Set any meter to ohms

      The lower the number the better

      plug a cable into the jack of the guitar

      The tip of the cable should ne your signal path
      The shaft ( the part under the plastic ring )
      Should be signal ground

      You should be able to read 0.1 ohms
      between shaft and bridge
      Then shaft and back of volume pot
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