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  • So who's got what?

    Came across this site and may (?) stop all the queries as to what artist or band uses what gear on stage and also the pedals line ups - could stop all those endless threads?? It's not as up to date or has everyone as you would like but could be helpful.

    Enter the artist name i.e Jim Hendrix, Eric Clapton etc and see what they used to use.
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    Re: So who's got what?

    thanks... i was on this site a good while ago but never bookmarked it so i couldn't remember what it was called...

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      Re: So who's got what?

      you can also check out the under the "Complete that Rig" section. People ask what a band or artist uses, and all the members reply with whatever people have seen, heard, or read that they use.

      Just do a search for a band/artist, and see all the threads that pop up.
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        Re: So who's got what?

        I've seen a few guys refer to that site....checked it out a few times, but can never come across the guys I'm looking for!!!!hahahaha

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          Re: So who's got what?

          I've seen that site before. It's pretty neat. Not sure how accurate some of the info is. They have Clapton using a Fuzz Face during the Cream era. He might have used some efx in the studio, but according to interviews I've read, he just went straight into the Marshall & turned it up to "11".
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