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    It is really frustrating when a patch cable goes bad on stage, and you realize it could be any one of 10 small cables. No time to diagnose, you just bypass the whole thing (specially if the pedals are zip-tied to the board, and there is no way to unplug the pedals without getting the pedal off the board).
    Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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      10yrs or so ago I bought 4 PW american stage cables, all straight end jacks. That time they relatively new in the market. Till date none have gone bad. If the recent ones are going bad then that's a shame, they are covered under lifetime warranty but still sucks.

      For patch cables & everyday home use instrument cable, I bought a lower priced long length planet waves classic instrument cable & got around 20 or more amphenol plugs from element14, hacked the cable to various desired length of the patch cables & solder the plugs on them. So far my patch cables haven't failed on me but the instrument cable did after 5yrs or so due to rough use at home, fixing it was simple though.

      I key thing when making patch cables is to not make them so short that there is unwanted continuous stress due to bending of the cable from pedal placement. This becomes more important with the solderless ones cause they will fail quicker due to it.