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12-53 string gauge for fingerstyle playing

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  • 12-53 string gauge for fingerstyle playing

    Are 12-53 string gauge good for fingerstyle playing on a steel string acoustic guitar?

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    sure. i use 13-56 on my acoustics most of the time but ive used 12s and they sound good


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      I don't think there are rules here. Use what you like. What you like for practicing might be different for someone who is recording or playing live. The trick is finding the balance between 'easy to play' and 'sounds great'.
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        I'm a pretty strict 13-56 user, but I may try 12-53 on my Gibson SJ next time it gets restrung. Since I got my Eastman, I don't really flatpick on the Gibson, so it might be fun to have a different flavor.

        That said, I tried the 11-52 set on it once, and they were awful.
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          I put 11s on my acoustic and play fingerstyle. Don't see any issue with using 12s.
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            twelves are a bit hard on the fingers

            I play 10s (extra lights) for finger style

            if I play one of my buddies guitars at the creek
            I can only make it through one and a half songs before both hands are screaming to stop

            on mine I can play for hours

            the lighter gauge is a bit quieter
            heavier strings project more
            fingers dont have the same striking force as a pick
            you may want the thicker strings

            thats you I guess
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