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    you guys know anything about these guitars? although i don't know alot about jacksons this seems like a good deal for a USA guitar.

    those pointy headstocks are starting to grow on me
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    Re: jackson USA experts

    I've not owned a Jackson USA Dinky, I have a USA Soloist, so I cannot comment on whether the price is okay or not. You might ask Zerberus.

    Anyway, my $.02.

    1. Seymour Duncans - Check. Too bad he didn't say what they are. I'm going to guess JB/Jazz combination, which if it is it rocks. I would ask the seller if he knows, but probably doesn't since it's hard to tell when installed. If the bridge is a JB, Custom or Distortion - You're in buziness for a rockin' guitar. If it's a Screamin' Demon, you'll want to invest in an overdrive pedal, but it will sound great. If the neck is a Jazz, 59, Demon or even JB you're set.

    2. Binding - Check. The binding from what I can see looks to be in great shape, and the fret/binding detail looks good. This is what you would expect for a USA.

    3. Ebony Fretboard - Check. It looks ebony at least, and appears to be in good shape.

    4. Allen wrenches at headstock - Check. Nice feature always.

    5. Original Floyd Rose - Check. Looks in good shape.

    6. Nick at bridge. How did that happen? Possible that the bridge didn't quite fit right, but it could be just that it got hit or something. I would ask the seller if the bridge fits correctly in the pocket and that it isn't hitting the wood.

    7. Nick at the neck pocket. I didn't know that this is a common injury. Might ask Zerberus, he'd know. Also a sign that it's a tight fit which is a good thing. I wouldn't sweat it, tho... cosmetic. At least the dude is upfront about the injuries.

    8. No tone knob. This is news to me, but could be because it's a special run - very 80's. I prefer the tone knob because the Jazz sounds great clean with some tone and volume rolled off (IMO). You could always add one, tho, since the electronics cavity in the back is standard sized.

    9. 3-way toggle. Also news to me. But I like that feature. I wish I had this feature. Also the toggle is in a great place, very convenient a la John Petrucci's RG's.

    10. Bottom line. If the price were right, I'd be on it if I had funds. You can't go wrong with a USA Jackson if you're into pointy guitars, because you'll get a better bang for the buck than an equivalently priced ESP or Ibanez (IMO). The quality of my USA Soloist is the best I've ever seen in it's price range or even above. Way better than my Gibson. Anyway, check with Zerberus on the going rate of Dinky's cause he has several.

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      Re: jackson USA experts

      That's an ok deal, but nothing spectacular. This guitar is nearly identical to a USA Fusion which typically sells for slightly less than this. They're both poplar bodies, maple bolt-on neck, and ebony fingerboard. The main differences are that a Fusion is H/S/S with active electronics and this is H/H.

      Comments on previous post:
      1. The bridge pickup is almost definitely a JB, the neck is a '59 or a Jazz.
      5. That is NOT an original Floyd. It's a Schaller liscensed Jackson JT-590.
      7. Nicks near the neck pocket are relatively common on this model after a few years.
      8 & 9. This is a special edition for Guitar Center which explains the unusual single volume & gibson style toggle.
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      And that's probably because most people with electric guitars seem more interested in their own performance rather than the effect on the listener ... in fact i don't think many people who own electric guitars even give a poop about the effect on a listener. Which is why many people play electric guitars but very very few of them are actually musicians.


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        Re: jackson USA experts

        the trem says licensed (at least i can read it)

        i'd add a tone pot to it and it's the perfect guitar for me.

        i say go for it. you wont get a guitar for 600 with duncans already installed (whatever the duncans are. if they dont float your boat it's not hard to sell or trade them) plus you get the case with it

        it's a low number special edition, which makes it even more unique and appealing, again, if i were you, i'd buy it
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