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    I'd say that when the sales and profit becomes the main driving force. Then of course brands can be of any quality. They could be like Ferrari or they could be some inferior crap. Look at Marshall... It's much more than a great amp. There's something for everyone. Well some is crap, but its Marshall, so ppl are buying. But beyond that, you get tonlive the whole Marshall lifestyle: you can strum away to your favorite tunes while listening to your Marshall bluetooth speaker, on your Marshall barstool in your marshall trucker hat and shirt and take your favorite Marshall sounding rock albums with you on the road by using the new Marshall headphones that you keep in your Marshall backpack (btw I have a pair of Major IV, they are awesome! ). Nothing wrong with all this, but in the D'Angelico case, the original luthier duo and the current brand holding their name is like apples and orange juice to me, because I think it was never a brand in the above described sense to begin with, so it could 't have been dying and saved, and the products themselves have not much in common except for some visuals. Which is fine by me, it piqued my interest because of that visual similarity. If it' s good, it' s good. Not because of where its made but because it's good. If its crap.... well, you get my drift. So we're on the same page I guess, I was just thinking aloud about this brand-thing and how does or does not apply to something like the guitars made by D'Angelico and D'Aquisto


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      ^ Or amplifiers made by Jim Marshall himself, for that matter.


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        Eastman makes an excellent version of the ES-339 and someone put some thought into the pickups for this guitar. It has a SD Jazz in the neck and 59 in the bridge.
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