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New Guitar Day: Wolfgang Standard

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  • New Guitar Day: Wolfgang Standard

    An unexpected bonus arrived from work, well actually I knoew about it but had totally forgot.Also I had already buy a musical instrument to my wife and son each this year so it was my turn and wanted to get me a rock guitar to play tunes in Eb and C# Drop. I was thinking on the Wolfgang Special but I connected better with the neck of the Stantard when trying them both at the store, the back of the neck and string spacing feels more like the thin Stratocaster neck of my MIM Strats which suites my short fingers better. I dont miss the D-Tuna, I just tune the guitar in drop tuningwith all the fine tunners all the way up, that way if I need to go to standard tuning I jut do a few turns of the low E fine tuner and it goes to standard tuning easily, takes a bit more time but I am ok with that.

    The best: The whole neck is just what I needed. Small, smooth, easy bends with big frets and flat radius, easy truss rod adjustment.
    The worst: The electroncis inside are cheap, so cheap there was a ground noise issue becasue the union of the conductive tape to the body ground connection in the controls cavity was broken, it is just a stripe of condictive tape that was broken some how. I worried in the begining but It was an easy fic once I found the broken connection but honestly some of the soldering look like cold solder joins so maybe I should change that in the future.

    Sounds good enough to enjoy for now, which is good because direct mount pickups and Les Paul cavities is something I don't have any experience with and I would rather start playing for now. The Floyd Rose Special here is not as good as the 1000 series in the Wolfgang Special or my Charvel SoCal so I don't abuse it, so far so good.

    The Wolfgang Special is beter quality parts and constructions, no doubt, but for now I wanted a thinner neck like this and I saved some money along the way.
    Who took my guitar?

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    Sounds nice. D-tunas aren't that expensive. Looks like it's just a longer allen screw and spring-loaded retaining collar. I think you could add your own later if needed.