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Pickup selector at top right of electric guitar

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  • Pickup selector at top right of electric guitar

    Will a pickup selector at the top right like on the Squier Contemporary Jaguar interfere with playing?

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    The only time I've had problems with a switch in that location has been when there's also a tremolo and you go to dive it . . . sometimes it's possible to hit the switch. You would have to be really wild with your picking to accidentally hit that thing.
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      Ergonomically, I think it’s a dumb location. Swing your hand across the guitar like you’re strumming a chord, and the placements used on Les Pauls, Strats, Teles, and most others make a lot of sense. If the lower bout works for you, go for it.

      Off topic, my favorite has turned out to be the switch on my Music Man John Petrucci. You can reach it by barely moving your picking hand, but I never bump it, either.
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        For me, that would be in the way a bit.
        Still, I think being parallel to the strings rather than up & down would lessen the likelihood of flipping it unintentionally.

        I have that problem sometimes with the one on my Backlund 400, which is very close to the neck pickup.
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          It isn't a whole lot different than the location of the switch on an LP. And I like that location better than some guitars that have the switch below the knobs.
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