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This is the End: Orpheo Guitars is no more

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    Hey man - you went out there and did it. Win, lose or draw, the haters are gonna hate and say "told you" but the fact is they are sad little people who never dared, never tried, and have nothing but regret and fear in their sad little lives.

    Sorry to see it go, maybe it will return one day. If nothing, you learned a lot.

    Originally posted by Bad City
    He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...


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      Originally posted by Obsessive Compulsive View Post
      We should have seen this coming. Selling handmade guitars of 3k a piece to niche market with limited growth potential is not sustainable in the long run.

      If you aren't mass producing guitars out of China, Indonesia and now Vietnam, you won't last long.

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      Yeah, we should have seen this ******** comment coming too.
      Originally posted by Bad City
      He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...


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        Good job, you're making the right decision. I understand because I encountered the same thing when I built surfboards in my 20s. You start out because you love the past time and equipment, but then it just turns too toxic because of the labor, time, making a resentment out of what used to be a joy. Like you said it's most important to turn away from the negativity and embrace positivity in life. You can always go back to it if you feel like it, or not. I'm land locked because surfing and building became too toxic for me. I might go back to it later in life, I might not. I just enjoy live surfing comps on youtube for now. Let it be and move forward positively. You did great work tho!
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          Sorry to hear that the business had turned toxic for you. But I am happy to hear that you're making a decision that will take away stress from your life. Best of luck with whatever comes next.


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            Sorry to hear it. May it all work out in your favor.
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              Yeah, making out a business doing something you love can be difficult sometimes. As it often no longer provides the escape it once was.

              Best of luck, maybe just take a break, and then make a few here and there to rekindle your love in the future.
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