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Joyo JW-03 wireisystem

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  • Joyo JW-03 wireisystem

    So I was looking through some newer wireless systems... My old Nady has a touchy switch and if I thrash around too hard it cuts out once in awhile......

    Anyhow, I was looking at the NUx 2.4GHz system for around $100.. and this little JOYO one popped up. . . So I watched a couple reviews on it, specs are similar... But it was super cheap.
    I have had pretty good luck with this JOYO brand lately so I gave it a try.

    It Showed up today and I'll just say, it works just great!
    Two thumbs up. I charged the units for 10 minutes and they were then fully charged.
    Turned em on, popped them in, started playing. I walked 100 feet down my back yard until I could hear some lag and a cut out didn't happen until 135 feet... That's through my garage wall too.
    Sounds just fine, I can't hear any change in tonality at all.
    So far I'm pretty impressed for such a cheap item.

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    Got a new strap and some strings as well..


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      That is a great price. I could walk downstairs to the bar patio and play for the cougars.

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        Never understood how they make these to sound the same as a cable. There's a lot I don't understand in the tech world.

        Might sound even better if the plugs were gold! lol


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          I wonder how it compares to the Boss system?
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