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  • Jackson Kelly Star

    If I were an endorsed artist, this would probably be my shape.

    Rare Jackson Kelly Star, branded "Grover Jackson" for Japanese domestic market.

    Again, these kind of shapes--so hard to find in the American market for a decent price. A BC Rich Ironbird is almost there but not quite as sleek.

    Put a Sustainiac and a Graphtech Ghost system in it and we're getting started. Options. Features. Wiring complexity. Tones. I'd even slap a Kaos Pad on there if there were room for one to fit.

    Not a Strat with an Evertune bridge and call it a day.

    Again, it's just a Rhoads V with an Explorer on top, doing away with the BC Rich Mockingbird-ish rear swoosh on the back.

    I get lack of demand for the star shape, but it shouldn't be considered as hard or special to manufacture as what it is held out to be--as some kind of 80s throwback companies "bring back" again for a "special X year anniversary run" like the Destroyer. You've kept your Vs and Explorers in production. You can keep this going too.

    A Dean ML has nothing on this. Headstock alone looks huge to make room for the logo but I think out of all my guitars my Epi Explorer headstocks have to be the largest. Big 'ole bananas.

    Don't get me started on doing this as an 8 string A E A D G B E A with a practical high A string and Floyd Rose that can pull that A to C# and not break a sweat.

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    About $1.7k on Reverb. Isn't worth that much just because it's a rare shape.

    Just make it less rare.


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      That thing is siiiiiick!


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        That's one of the only three pointy guitars I like, the other two being the Warlock & Mockingbird.


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          Romans 3:23; 6:23; 5:8; 10:13; 10:9-10

          Teknon Theou

          Complaining that there are hypocrites in church is like complaining that fat people use the gym. Where else would you have them be?


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            Yeah, cool body style.
            "You should know better by now than to introduce science into a discussion of voodoo."


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              I like that.