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N(U)GD - ESP LTD Serpent 600 George Lynch

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  • N(U)GD - ESP LTD Serpent 600 George Lynch

    My fascination with this guitar (or at least it's ESP Custom Shop cousin) started in the mid-90s with the old printed ESP catalog. Around 2007 ESP re-released the graphic in the LTD line as the Serpent 600, and I always managed to talk myself out of getting one before they were discontinued. I've kept an eye out on the used market, finally ran out of excuses to buy one, and came across this one at the right time.

    And so far so good. I'm normally not a fan of graphics on guitars, but this has always been the exception. I'm always a fan of the Screamin' Demon and the ESP rails neck pickup sounds great, too. The guitar came from Arizona and I expected that it would need some tweaking once acclimatized to midwest humidity. I have a little bit of a buzz to address once it settles in. Until then, I'll just keep fumbling my way through a bunch of half-learned George Lynch riffs.​
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    I'm not a fan of graphics either, but I think I kinda like this one. Plus, the Demon is a great pup.
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      Hey, Mike. I remember us discussing that very guitar on here some years back. Glad you were finally able to get one. That one is cool. My favorite is still the snakes and skulls. Sadly priced way beyond what I would want to pay for one.


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        I prefer Snakes & Skulls, but glad you finally scratched that itch!

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          My favorite Lynch graphic, congrats!


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            That axe is so hot!
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              Cool graphics. Nice axe. Enjoy.


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                That's awesome. I've always liked the looks of those.