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  • Epi IBG 335 - brand new...

    I have been thinking of working on a guitar, maybe getting an older Gibson Tribute to mod... but I saw these today...

    Wow... the price is high for an EPI ($1299) but these are about as close as you can get to a Gibson Custom 335:

    Ebony board
    Open-book headstock
    Real MOP inlays
    Gibson bridge and tailpiece
    CTS pots, Mallory caps
    Gibson Custom Buckers
    Hardshell case

    AND, it has huge Alex Lifeson vibes!!!!!! GRRRR...... I might have to do this.

    Click image for larger version

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    That's a pretty sweet Epi, but an awful lot of money.
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      It is some serious cash, but I mean... when you look at the specs and you see an equivalent Gibson is $6000... it makes some sense.
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        Those things go thru the Custom Shop in Nashville before going out to stores. Lance Lopez just got a Firebird from that line from them. His beloved Gibson Firebird was broken on a flight. He had nothing but great things to say about the Epi Firebird. His Gibson will be fixed, no doubt.


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          I just sold an Epi Dot Studio I bought some time back that I just wasn't getting along with anymore, and used that money to help buy an Epi 335-IG. It's got the better pickups, better electronics, etc. It's more a standard style, and playing it next to the $4k Gibson I certainly couldn't justify that!

          The main difference is the finish. Poly just feels different than the lacquer. Other than that, they really do much the same things.
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            Going through the CS before stores...colour me skeptical - probably reserved for artists only or perhaps the guitars in the Nasvhille Garage get a once-over before being put on the floor.

            Overall, these CS inspired guitars do look great visually and have some nice appointments but the 1-2k bracket is very competitive. Unless you absolutely have to have a vintage style Firebird, 355 or whatever. I'd hope the build quality is impeccable.

            Indeed, some of the comparative pricing is a bit 'eh?' - the new '64 Thunderbird is $849, and in terms of overall build/spec it is basically the same as the Firebirds, apart from having oem pups, pearloid dots, and a soft case.

            Indeed, Gibson have also been clever by not having some models in the standard USA line, so your choice is these Epiphones or CS. Thus, you cannot buy a new standard USA Firebird anymore. This and the relentless marketing they've been pouring $ into in recent years is all part of their cultivation of the buyer. Of course, this is where things seem to be going more broadly in guitar - the end goal is arguably having USA guitars as a high premium, smaller output thing, while the rest will be imports.

            Anyway, I have no particular horse in this race, just my impressions.
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              Agree on the custom shop thing... that seems unlikely.

              Yes, I think they are creating a structure...

              $4000+ Custom Shop
              $2500 - $4000 Gibson USA (standard, custom)
              $1700 - $2500 Gibson Studio
              $1000 - $1700 Inspired by Gibson, Epiphone Custom
              $600 - $1000 Inspired by Gibson, Epiphone
              $200 - $600 - Epiphone
              Under $250 Maestro

              Something like that. And getting rid of the Tributes and lower-tier Studios allows them to reposition the "Upper Epi" line.

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