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  • Cryo Treating....

    Someone was asking me about some cryo-tubes a guy I gave a website about carries ( & it got us thinking: Is this a scam or does it actually work?

    I know Markley makes the cryo-strings & I have some cryo RFT 12AX7/ECC83s....The only reason I have them is because they were the only ones he had & he gave me a deal on them. Other than that, they charge a lot more for these cryo treated what-nots & is it really worth it???

    Your thoughts????!!!!

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    Re: Cryo Treating....

    I had some of those Dean Markley's that were cryo treated, they wore out alot faster than my usual GHS Boomers. I think I only played 'em like a week then they were gone.
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      Re: Cryo Treating....

      callaham cryo treats all of the pickups, jacks, switches, pots and wire that they sell. I will tell you if i can hear a difference when my new guitar is done,because it will be wired up with a lot of callaham parts, but i seriously doubt i will hear anything different
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        Re: Cryo Treating....

        This is what happens when anal gear people turn straight into anus's. LOL
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