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PA question Peavey or EV??

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  • PA question Peavey or EV??

    Just curious what you guys may know, I am looking at buying a whole new set of PA enclosers, I am kinda torn between Peavey SP2s and EV eliminators. They are close in price and i have heard great things about both
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    Re: PA question Peavey or EV??

    dont know. ass far as cheaperr gear the yamaha speakers are pretty good. how big do ya need em?


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      Re: PA question Peavey or EV??

      agreed on the yamaha, i have had very good luck with carvin too

      the JBLs and Mackies have also always sounded very good, but on the pricey side

      if you are only considering those 2, i'd say the peaveys ... but thats because i have experience with them and not the eliminators

      good luck
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        Re: PA question Peavey or EV??

        Purchased E.V. Eliminators about a year ago, and they sound great. I don't plan on changing speakers anytime soon.