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Considering the marshall tsl 602??

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  • Considering the marshall tsl 602??

    Im really after a 40-60w all-valve 2x12 combo

    I was in again playing a tsl602 today but im not sold...
    The fender hot-rods are beautiful but not sure if the o/d is what im after...
    Have tryed to source out some more but no luck...

    im from australia so i think im looking at about $1000US ($2000AU) to play around with.

    This is my first all-valve amp after 10yrs of playing, and im after something that is vesatile for stage and practice, a really warm clean sound but also pretty hi-gain with the option of a good rock sound...

    I play everything from satriani..rock...slayerish metal for enjoyment, but play live punk hardcore.

    Also im a chick so its kinda hard for me to lift these things, but i understand im not going to get anything all-valve and light.

    you guys seem to know your stuff so thanks for any advice...

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    Re: Considering the marshall tsl 602??

    Weeell i dunno, the TSL has about six trillion knobs and buttons on it, so if you can figure out how to get a good tone out of it, please tell me...I sat in a guitar store for hours and it just never sounded "right" for me.

    My amp, which I use to pull off all the styles you just listed, does the trick pretty nice -- an old silverface Fender Bassman. Combined with the DS-1 that I got for about twenty bucks, I have a really sweet-sounding budget rig -- the amp, cab and pedal together were only $500.

    But if you want a more authentic Slayer-y tone, I'd shoot for the Marshall DSLs -- just like the TSLs but less complicated, and people say they can get better tones from it.

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      Re: Considering the marshall tsl 602??

      Actually the tsl602 is kinda between a dsl and a tsl100. The tsl100 has more functions and buttons than the tsl602, the biggest difference being that the tsl100 has 3 fully-independent eq's(the tsl60 shares the lead/crunch eq). I really like the tsl602 and it is extremely versatile.

      Cheers Primo.
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        Re: Considering the marshall tsl 602??

        I tried the tsl 601 and I have to say that I didn't like it. The clean channel was not at a satisfactory level for an amp of that price range and the gain was overall very fuzzy and muddy.

        It certainly didn't evoke those tones which made Marshall famous.

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          Re: Considering the marshall tsl 602??

          In my experience, the TSL kind of crossed the line into the "lots of features, but doesn't sound that good" territory. The DSL's with the OD1 and OD2 plus the clean channel, always sounded way better to me... A lot truer sound... more defined, less buzzy, etc. My experience has been with a TSL602 and a DSL401.