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I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

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  • I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

    Well there you have. Once i was disguisted by the look of the tele as if it was a strat cut up into peices. BUT after playing one and seeing billions upon billions of pics of teles, im really starting to consider buying one..eventually. Instead of saving up to buy a gibson les paul I actually for now wannago for an american tele, al maple neck in black. I wonder can tele's handle alot fo gain? Im talking about the american tele's STOCK. How about the highway 1 stock? I dont think i would buy a MIM tele i dont like the way the necks look, maybe its me but don't they seem kinda pale looking? Anyways any thoughts on teles guys that i should know? Oh Another thing, for the American Teles, the bridge does not have an ash tray does it? I find them hard to play on. HOw baout a highway 1?

    thanks in advance guys! peace
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    Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

    I like the American teles, but you have to look at 'em. They don't have ash trays, but a modern 6 piece bridge.
    there is usually a discussion over "which model" on the FDP forum.
    It sounds like you would like the American Series, or the American ash tele. there's a $100 rebate from now till August.
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      Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

      I felt similary about the Tele when I was your age. I nowsday play the Tele more than the Strat. I guess it's because the notes are better defined, the tonal spectrum is very wide and since it has this "rigid" feeling to it which I can now handle (and master).

      I would recommend the American Series or the American Reissues if you are keen on a vintage bridge.

      The highway looked slightly "cheap" in some respects (paint, quality of fretboard wood, finishes).

      I personally find the new bridge more fit for my needs.

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        Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

        Who knows if i actually get the tele and liek it mroe than my strat illl be the tele_master haha I also like how the tele is single cutawayed like the les paul, the one thing i don't liek about the strat is the double cut away. Also i think single cut aways look nicer, the double cut away kidna makes the guitar look oversized a bit at times.
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          Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

          The American Series Teles are excellent guitars. Like anything, there is some variation in the feel of the neck and the body weight, so it's best to try before you buy if possible. The stock pickups aren't too bad, although the bridge can get a little harsh at times. They sound good with OD, but I don't use a lot of distortion so I can't comment on that. I have now replaced the pickups in both of my American Teles -- a Fender CS Nocaster lead paired with a SD SM-3n Firebird-style mini-HB neck in one, and a SD Jerry Donahue lead paired with a SD Phat Cat neck in the other. My third Tele is a limited edition American Series with a set of Nocasters. I really like the modern 6 saddle bridge because of its smooth lines, excellent intonation and latitude for action adjustment. If you palm the bridge at all, then you will probably find the modern bridge a bit more user-friendly than the vintage-style bridge.

          BTW, I'm glad you've seen the light!


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            Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

            Teles rule - if you get a great one, you'll only have to tune it every once in a while.

            American Series/American Standards sound great with a lot of gain. More traditional teles can sound great but can have problems with microphonics at high gain + high volume. Tom Morello plays an American Standard and it sounds great. I've had a '79 Tele, a Japanese Esquire and an American Standard, and I've always played rock & punk. They were all great guitars and were useful for distorted music, but the American Standard was the most predictable at extreme volumes and gain settings. Using the tone knob on the bridge pickup can get you a lot of variation for distortion sounds.

            I'm not sure I'd choose the Highway 1 if I was going to be using it for high-gain. The one I tried was really twangy, and might not have enough body. If you're willing to go to rosewood, the 60s Classic Tele sounded to me like it would sound good with gain. I'm of two minds about teles - the vintage bridges sound funkier and are cooler, but the American Standard bridge works better if the gain or volume is nuts.

            The pickups were fine. People complain about the ice pick, but I found them about par for the course with a Tele. They weren't the warmest in the world, but they had a cool tone. Of course I ended up replacing them because I can't leave well enough alone, but I didn't necessarily like the replacements better.

            Once again, use the tone control if it's too trebly, the bite will still cut through - unlike some guitars which turn to murk if you use the tone control.


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              Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

              Also keep in mind it IS possible to find a real gem in the MIM line. My MIM Tele is perfect. I put a set of QP's in it and the thing screams. It stays in tune for days at a time. I've never had to adjust the neck on it. Teles rule.


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                Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

                Tele's are awesome if you dig them and NOT if you don't. You either love them or hate them (it seems to me).

                Tele's sound good, but it's probably not the kind of "good" you're used to. What I mean by that is we live in a humbucker world and although they sound good distorted, they aren't the Les Pauls and heavy metal monsters you're used to.

                They can dish out plenty of attitude, but it's always got that Tele style attached to it. I think they have a more raw, earthy sound than Strats, but they're not as versatile. They're not as thick as most guitars, but again, you can still do a lot on a Tele and that tone can't be replicated. I have to give the Telecaster the award for best sounding neck position single coil. That's as smooth as silk and SO well suited for blues.... it's THE blues pickup as far as I'm concerned. Rock works well with Teles but you have to appreciate the fact that it'll never be a Les Paul. A lot of people think they can throw new pickups into a Tele or play it through a Mesa and they'll be able to replicate "metal" tone. It won't happen, so if you get a Tele, get it because you love it for it's Tele-ness.
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                  Re: I'm actually starting to like the telecaster...?

                  I can see the attraction to Teles. I got bit by the Tele bug a few months back. If versatility weren't an issue (kinda want both single coils and a humbucker), I would have one. They are inspiring to play. They're very basic workhorse guitars and to me, that's what is the most striking and beautiful aspect to them. They do have a "rigid" sort of feel to them. I love the looks myself (the 3 way sliding switch and knob controls on that silver strip look and feel so awesome). I kinda like the twang on the cleans and I like playing blues with them. I feel they could be used for rock as well, but for heavy stuff you'd probably prefer a Les Paul or another humbucker equipped guitar.

                  The Highway1 series Tele I played was incredible. The one I tried had one of the best feeling necks I have ever played and while the electronics weren't top notch, the craftsmanship/build quality was. The grain and the coloring was very tasteful as well, guess I must have lucked out. In short, awesome guitars for the money.

                  The tele just does something to some people. It did something for me anyways. It's a very honest and revealing instrument. It feels good to just jam out on it and play stuff that you've been working hard on doing smoothly because it seems to amplify that.
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