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Difference between el34 and el84s?

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  • Difference between el34 and el84s?

    I notice that the dsl 401, mesa nomad 45, and f30 use el84 tubes. While the higher end marshalls like the dsl 50/100, tsl etc... uses el34s. Is there any difference? Also i noticed mesa boogie uses 6l6's on their amps that are more higher end. Whats the deal with this guys? So whats the difference between el84s, el34s and 6l6 tubes?

    Thanks in advance for the help and info. Peace.
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    Re: Difference between el34 and el84s?

    Mesa amps were originally based around the 6L6 because early Mesa amps were hot rodded Fender Princeton amps...The 6L6 has more clean headroom and has a rounder overall tone..The EL34 is a more slender European tube in appearence and compresses as it gets pushed real hard...Let's just say the EL34 is the british valve..EL84s don't take the plate voltages that the 6L6 and EL34s take but they have a very sweet breakup..These tubes are used primariliy in amps 30 watts or less...You always see these tubes in the Vox AC30s.....These are great sounding,low wattage output tubes..

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      Re: Difference between el34 and el84s?

      Hmm... to my ears, the bigger the tube, the bigger the sound !!
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