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a question about hex pickups for mincer

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  • a question about hex pickups for mincer

    can you give me a website that tells me all about them and how many different kinds there are. i just own the basic roland outfit but i think i want to convert to the ghost system or something similar.
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    Re: a question about hex pickups for mincer

    mincer knows a ton and i'm sure he'll be along soon ... i'm pretty sure that he and i both agree on the exceptional quality and performance of rmc ... will have alot of good info ... the tracking in my brian moore i88.13 is just exceptional ... low notes / high notes - no matter ... the bends are also spot on ...
    good luck
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      Re: a question about hex pickups for mincer

      Hmm, I don't know of any site that lists all of them..there is RMC, LR Baggs, the Roland GK3, the Yamaha G1d, GraphTech GHOST, Fishman, and Sound Garage. People have the most luck with RMCs, and from what I have heard, get the best piezo sound. Piezos work the best for tracking, but are expensive, at about $600 for an RMC setup and $550 for the GHOST. There just aren't many companies making them right now. Wonder why SD never entered the piezo market?
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