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marshall valvestate 8040 and a jackson

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  • marshall valvestate 8040 and a jackson

    so, i'm at that point where i want to sell my gear and buy new stuff to tinker with

    went by the local shop today and saw this gorgeous amber sunburst KVX10 for about $550, i'm sold to it.. neck super comfortable, sound aint half bad with the stock pups (which are duncan designed HB-103 and HB-102's)

    thing is.. i got a budget of $200 LOL.. i'm thinking of selling my SG and buying the V (kinda like swap the guitars)

    but i'd need a better amp, so i'm thinking for going after a smaller combo amp (obviously >.< i hate being on a really tight budget). anybody have experience with the 8040? is it reliable? how is the sound.. the one i got my eye set on is used and as of yet i dont know where the dude is from so i could test it. how is the clean channel? i got an ibanez smash box for the distortion

    any and all input apretiated

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    Re: marshall valvestate 8040 and a jackson

    what sg do you have?

    the marshall is an older valvestate model, havent played one for a while but they are pretty cool


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      Re: marshall valvestate 8040 and a jackson

      it's a very revved up sg 310 junior(a JB at bridge and a '59 in neck)
      i know, the older valvestates were quite cool, but i havent played that peticular model