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  • swamp ash explorer

    has anyone played one? i was thinking about selling one of my strats and getting one. would it be worth it?
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    Down at the edge, close by a river.
    Close to the edge, round by the corner.
    Close to the end, down by the corner.
    Down at the edge, round by the river.

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    Re: swamp ash explorer

    this is extremely not what youre looking for, but everytime i see "swamp ash" i think "swamp ass"
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    It was the age of suave. Men were men, and women were smacked and thrown on the bed and loved it.


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      Re: swamp ash explorer

      swamp ash is my favorite wood, ive not played one but i bet they are cool.
      how do they sound?


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        Re: swamp ash explorer

        I second the "swamp ash is cool" thought. I love my swamp ash guitar (although it's not an explorer). it makes some really nice tones. What are looking for in a guitar?
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