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REVIEW: roland microcube

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  • REVIEW: roland microcube

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    my teach had a good day and got lots o stuff. more goodies for me to review!

    looks and "fit"
    its a small amp, thats about it with looks. for the "fit" thing, its great (basically size). its great because its small and can fit basically everywhere. great amp to bring to the beach or something like that, especially because its battery powered. also, its only 7 pounds, so its easy to carry around. the preamp part of this is great as well, so you can send it to other amps. got points for that.

    they put a lot in this little amp, and they did it well. all the effects, including the amp "copy's", sound great. the tremelo is great, chorus, everything. great sound. points got for that.

    basic sound
    its solid state, its small. it has a 5 inch speaker. it pumps out a whapping 4 watts (i think). AND IT SOUNDS GREAT DOING IT! i was amazed at the clean and gainy sounds that i got from this tiny thing. it was amazing. lot o points awarded here.

    overall rating
    10 out of 10 for what it is, its amazing. if you use it "properly" like little situations like an amp for work or the beach, then this amp is sick.
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    Re: REVIEW: roland microcube

    Dime gets some kickass sounds out of this little bugger.
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