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Just bought IBANEZ MS10 Metal Charger

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  • Just bought IBANEZ MS10 Metal Charger

    Just picked up a used Ibanez Metal Charger MS10 pedal. Made in Japan. This thing has a lot of sounds to it. It's also pretty agressive with pots labelled "EDGE", "PUNCH", and "ATTACK" hahhahah.

    I can get a lot of sounds with this. "PUNCH" seems to fatten up the whole thing, "ATTACK" goes from muddy to tight, and "EDGE" does something simialr, but, different from "Attack". This things gives a ton , a ton of sustain to the signal!I just opened it up, it feels like it was never opened before. It's got 4 of those JRC4558D chips inside. What's so good about them , I dunno, I just read people who say they are "Cool", I'm more of a "plug it and play it" type of guy

    The best thing is that it was only $15 cash money. I think I'm starting to get a little collection of 80's Ibanez pedals going now.
    In addition to the MS10 that I got today I also have these.
    DS10 Distortion Charger -Japan
    DS10 Distortion Charger - Taiwan
    MSL Metal Screamer - Japan
    2001 MIA Strat Sunburst w/maple neck. Hot Rails (b), Vintage Rails (m), Cool Rails (n). 2003 MIA Deluxe Fat Strat Sunburst w/maple neck.