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  • Guitar Utopia...

    If I could choose, these guitars would been in my home right now:

    - A Tele (gotta have one of those...)
    - A Jackson USA (for metal!)
    - A Strat (a classic)
    - A nice looking LP
    - A PRS (nice guitars)

    Ain`t to much to aim for? Maybe I`ll get those some day...

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    If i could choose, i'd have what i have now, with a P-90 equipped PRS or custom Driskill, and a martin HD-28. One of these days....
    '01 Gibson Les Paul Standard (stock BB V's)
    Squier Fat Strat (stock/duckbucker/stock)
    '66 Fender Bassman
    Fender Champion 600
    Fender Stage 100


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      If I could choose, I'd have a Squier Affinity- Just kidding. I'd want a Hamer Monaco Elite, Dean Hardtail, PRS Custom 22, Gibson Les Paul Silverburst- Need I go on? Okay, I will.- A Fender Jimi Hendrix Strat (out of production, of course), A Gibson SG Standard and a Jackson KE 2 Kelly.

      I have tons of G.A.S. I'd seriously have to be dragged outta my house to go anywhere.

      Peace all!

      Squier Strat (JB Jr.)
      Peavey Valve King 1x12
      Avatar 4x12 (70/80s, V12s)
      Ibanez PF15CE Acoustic/Electric


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        GMP Elite Deluxe with Trem

        PRS Swamp Ash Special (red w/ trem and maple neck w/ birds)
        PRS CU22
        PRS Archtop
        PRS Soapbar McCarty
        PRS Singlecut w/ Trem
        ...did I mention PRS?

        Dean Hardtail
        Gibson Goldtop 57 RI
        Gibson J-150
        Alvarez AJ-60SC
        some kind of thicker necked Strat (I can't stand the standard Strat size) with a wider nut (way too thin)
        Gibson CS-356

        an original 1955 Gretsch White Falcon

        and that's just the beginning
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        I learned a long time ago that the only thing that mattered regarding tone was what my ears thought.
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        Better is often the enemy of good
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        Covers feed the body, originals feed the soul.


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          A Tele, a humbucker Tele, and a mahogany humbucker Tele.