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Drilling new screw holes in the headstock?

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  • Drilling new screw holes in the headstock?

    Hey guys, has anyone done this to install a set of locking tuners? If you're handy with a drill, is this something that can be done fairly easily, or should it be done by a tech? Unfortunately, there are no locking tuners which are a direct replacement for the tuners on my Hamer. Yes, I realize that you don't really need locking tuners if you wrap the strings properly, but it makes string changes much faster and more convenient, and that makes it worth it for me. Can anyone who has drilled new screw holes in the headstock give me some tips? Thanks.

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    Re: Drilling new screw holes in the headstock?

    Most importantly.......measure your depth for the screws and create a "STOP Gauge" on your drill bit with masking tape. Just wrap masking tape aroung the bit 5-6 times at the depth that is the deepest you have to drill. When you are all measured up and ready to drill, the tape will be the correct height on the drill bit to stop at, it prevents you from going deeper and through the front of the headstock!!!!!! When the tape on the bit touches the back of the headstock, STOP, you are deep enough!!!!!!!

    Of course have everything lined up perfectly before hand, so that you know where to drill for proper spacing and alignment.

    I have a few friends that decided to "just do it" with the drill and have holes through the front of their headstocks on some nice Gibsons......


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      Re: Drilling new screw holes in the headstock?

      All good tips. I used a hand drill, that worked for me pretty good, but I wish I had never drilled the first hole. I'd think long and hard before I did it if i was you, I deeply regret modding my guitars that way. Good luck whatever you decide.