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musiciansfriend... is not my friend anymore

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  • Skullkrusher
    When you called did you talk to a Supervisor or some nit-wit who just works there part time to answer the phones? Try talking to a supervisor and see if you can get your money back that way. If not, send the guitar back and go somewhere else.

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  • Ez74
    started a topic musiciansfriend... is not my friend anymore

    musiciansfriend... is not my friend anymore

    I ordered my esquire the other day and being that I had the weekend off and i wanted it as soon as possible i paid $35 for 1 day shipping.... instead of just taking the free shipping they offer and getting it monday or tuesday. It doesn't show up today. UPS doesn't do saturday deliveries in my area. So I'm not going to get it until Monday. I call them and tell them how pissed I am that I wasted $35 on something I basically could have had for free. They tell me sorry sir but there is really nothing we can do about it. I'm tempted to send the F'n thing back when It does get here..... I guess their "100% satisfaction gaurantee" doesn't apply to me getting ripped off $35 for shipping