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  • VOX brain may amp

    anyone have one or have used them?

    i think i may get one for the summer, i dont need great tone, but i would like to get a small amp thjat i could take with me for 2 months and still have a use for later on.

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    Re: VOX brain may amp

    You mean the Deacy I assume? It's a great little amp for the price, not much to fault it on really.

    There's also (s'pposedly) a Vox Brian May AC30 too, wasn't sure if you meant that or the Deacy atfirst!


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      Re: VOX brain may amp

      I assume your talking about the little white amp called the Brian May amp.
      I tried a couple and wasn't that impressed. Maybe I don't know how to tweak the knobs just right. But the distortion was harsh solid state for my taste. And the boost button just made it harsher. The speaker is nothing special, either. Keep in mind that these were floor models at Guitar Center so there's no telling what happened to them before I tried them out. It's also a bit of a one trick pony.

      You might do better considering the Vox AD30VT for $239 or the Vox AD15VT for $179. They are the baby Valvetronix amps which have tons of flexibility and are good modelling amps. Guitar Center is finally stocking both. Maybe you can try them and the Brian May amp at the same time. I've seen them all at Guitar Center recently.
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        Re: VOX brain may amp

        If you are talking about the Brian May Deacy amp then you are going to be disappointed if you want to use it just for straightforward amp. It is basically used as a tone overdrive for the Vox AC30's and that is what it is primarily aimed at if you want those Brian May sounds (also need at least 3 AC30's plus the guitar).

        For just a straightforward amp it does not have the guts to give you a decent tone and when you push it into overdrive then you will get a lot fizz and you will be hugely disappointed. As I said it is meant to replicate May's old Deacy overdrive that John Deacon built for May and that's what you should look at this. I would not recommend it.
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