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    Re: Multi effects?

    Originally posted by echofinger
    And for the rest of the opinions here... Some peeps dig effects, some don't... Do what YOU want to do and ignore the rabble.
    Good advice. And I'd like to add a practical point to that as well. Finances permitting, I doubt anyone would argue with the simple formula of guitar+cord+amp=perfection. But good gear, and especially good amps, can be extremely expensive. And depending on living circumstances (apartment living, living with the folks, kids at home, etc.) sometimes really good gear is just overkill. For these reasons and more I don't see anything wrong with using effects.

    And to further addresss the original question, I think the Vamp or ME-50 would probably be equally good choices depending on what you need. If you want to simulate different amps, get some effects, and have a nice setup for home recording/practicing with headphones, get a Vamp. If you intend to perform with the effects unit and want easy access to making sound modifications in real-time, get an ME-50. While either one will actually work in either recording or live situations, they're just purpose-built for their specific uses.
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      Re: Multi effects?

      I got a zoom 505 when i was starting out. dont bother. plasticy tacky junk. it broke in 2 months. but i am quite clumsy and heavy footed. The sounds were passable, as a first stray into the world of effects it was decent enough. its since been replaced with a load of seperates though.
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