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  • avatar 2x12 cab speakers/config

    I'm going to order an avatar G212H cab to go with my rivera knucklehead (100 watts). I was going to go with celestions, one vintage 30 and one G12H30, wired at 8 ohms mono. I would figure that it would run at 90 watts, but they said that they could only wire it for 60 (sounds kinda strange, but I believe them).

    So my question is, would you guys think that a 60 watt cab would be safe enough to use with a 100 watt head at gigging levels? If not, what speakers or configuration would you recommend? The V30/G12H30 combo sounded great from all that I've heard, which is why I originally wanted it, but I don't want to blow any speakers either. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Re: avatar 2x12 cab speakers/config

    im not sure what hes talking about. wired in parallel each speaker should be getting about 50w so you might be overpowering the g12h a touch but a little cone cry sounds cool anyway. ive been using that combo for a long time and i think its great.
    ive used it in my twin off and on for years and only one had a problem with blowing a g12h and that was wired in series. i currently use it with my marshall in a vibroking 2x12


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      Re: avatar 2x12 cab speakers/config

      I was told that my Avatar 2x12 with a G12H and V30 was rated at 60 watts as well.