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Taking blues JR back... DSL201/401 advice please

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  • bloodswords
    The 401 was what I used to own… here’s my opinion on it:

    · Very good clean channel- will shame (some) fenders…
    · Sounds better than the 201 due to Celestion speakers in there (201 sports 2XMarshall brand speakers)
    · 2 distinct overdrive channel, unlike some amps whose 2 overdrive channels sound alike
    · More fuzz than distortion- blame the EL84s on this one… if you do metal/ would like some single note definition when you solo, there are better amps out there…
    · Gets very hot very quickly. Simple solution- aim a small table fan at its rear when in use.

    Why did I sell it off? I like 6L6 equipped amps better, they have better clarity when it comes to overdrive.

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  • Taking blues JR back... DSL201/401 advice please

    Hi guys.
    I have had the blonde blues junior for 2 weeks now, and I gotta say that it's a good warm sound for overdriven blues, but I cannot get any thick smooth distortion out of it. There is no bass if I use my Keeley DS-1 on maximum dist. setting, and If I EQ it up to max, it is mushy and you cannot make out any notes. The sound is also very thin on distorted solos. The reverb also is very weak and artificial sounding as you turn the amp up loud.

    I'm thinking i'll give the DSL201 or 401 a try.
    I have played the TSL601 at the store and it was amazing. Very thick and smooth distortion, crunchy blues channel, and great cleans too. It also sounded good at a very low volume level. It's kinda pricy however - 1460 CAD where I live.

    Here's the question: Are the DSL201/401 as good as the TSL601 sound wise? (atleast close?). I know the 201 uses 2 output tubes and the 401 has 4. Is there a difference based on that?

    DSL201: 2x EL84 output valves and 4x ECC83 Preamp Valves
    DSL401: 4x EL84 output valves and 4x ECC83 Preamp Valves

    I'm thinking, maybe i'll keep saving and get the TSL601 after all, unless the DSL201/401 are close to it sound wise...