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Difference between "volume" and "master" on blues jr.?

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  • Difference between "volume" and "master" on blues jr.?

    Is there any technical difference between the knob labeled "volume" and the knob labeled "master" on the fender blues jr.? I played one today (love it, going to buy it), and I really couldn't tell a difference between volume at 2, master at 5, and master at 2, volume at 5 etc. Is there something I'm missing here, or is one of the knobs just totally pointless?

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    Volume is a "gain" knob - it controls how much overdrive is used. The higher you turn that up, the dirtier the amp gets.

    Master is your master volume - controls the overall loudness of the amp.

    I have the Jensen speaker one... I found that ur gain knob has to be atleast at 12 oclock. The higher the gain knob is turned up - the warmer the amp sounds. With volume on 12, it gets a nice thick bluesy crunch. However I couldn't get any round, thick distortion out of the amp by combining maximum drive with my Keeley DS-1 pedal. The bass is mushy and not defined. The notes are thin and not smooth. The reverb is weak - sounds sorta fake.

    I'm taking mine back to the store for a full money back...
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      "Volume" boosts the preamp stage of the amp. As you turn it up, you get distortion from the preamp tubes.

      "Master" boosts the power stage of the amp, and you get power tube distortion.

      At levels below 12 o'clock, you're not going to hear much distortion from either section of the the amp. You will hear preamp distortion sooner IME.

      I wasn't able to hear the Blues Jr.'s power tube distortion until I got a Weber MASS 'coz it's just too loud to play in my house. Power tube distortion = big fun

      BTW FranticRock - a Weber Blue Dog speaker would cure what ails your Blues Jr. in terms of getting strong, thick bass.

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        I have a Jensen C12N in mine and I love it - it's the amp I plug into all the time. Master on 10, volume on 4 does it for me.
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