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Can someone give me technical details on my future amp here?

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  • Can someone give me technical details on my future amp here?

    Theres a harmony central review of it if anyones interested. What do you all think?

    Does anyone have any info about this amp they could give me, like what tubes it has on board and what kind of speaker is stock and so on...

    Cos all i know is that it sounds amazing and im going to get it, but i wouldnt mind knowing some actual info about it.
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    Its not necessary. You have an ENGL. WAIT A MINUTE.... WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!!!??
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      lol realax dime im keeping the ENGL, and im not gonna get rid of her

      Im getting this little mesa combo to be my small portable amp, and its got an absolute killer jazz sound! But im sorta getting it to replace my current Roland Cube 30. Its also a great price

      But yeah im definitely keeping the ENGL, but i still think theres something not right with my Savage, because as both you and I know, those things sound awesome! And mine just doesnt sound quite right anymore

      But ill find out whats going on, i have faith in my ENGL
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        they dont sound all that bad. the one i had here on the bench used plastic standoffs to hold the entire circuit board to the chassis. board mounted tubes, too. about 15 of em. i felt this was a bit cheap. they arent the easiest to work on either. but, should last long enough.

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