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  • marshall 30th anniversary heaD

    i'm planning on buying one used from ebay....The problem is that i don't have a cab yet to use it with the marshall.So i was wondering ,untill i get paid again and have the necessary money to buy a 2x12 cab, if i could use the 30th anniversary head through my mesa dual caliber dc5 combo with the black shadow speaker which is rated from what i recall at 90watts.The mesa on the rear pannel has an input "SLAVE".....should i use the slave input of the mesa?I do not indend to use the marshall 30th anniversary at full 100w output.....i will be using it at half the power.Any thoughts?

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    Re: marshall 30th anniversary heaD

    As long as the ohms match, you can do it. You won't blow up that speaker unless you blast it. I think the slave goes to the Mesa's power section, so definitely don't connect the Marshall's output to that. If the Mesa's speaker isn't a plug, you may have to make one from 2 leads and a female jack, or take a cheap speaker cable and cut the male jack off one side and connect the pos. and neg. directly to the Mesa speaker.
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