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Getting my new amp real soon!

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  • Getting my new amp real soon!

    I'm going to Sam Ash tomorrow to put down a deposit on my Vox 120 Watt Valvetronix 2X12 combo. I'm really psyched about this, as I've become fed up with my tone that I'm getting from my current amp. Of course, I haven't gotten my new pickups yet, but for now, I'll deal. Anyways, just updating on that.

    I'm getting the older model, which is substantially cheaper. What it lacks is a closed back, which I was told will give me better bass response, but what I hate about my current amp is that it is bassy as hell. Also, it doesn't have the special speakers, but they are still Celestion vintage 30's, so that works for me. I'm psyched!

    - Jeremy

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    Re: Getting my new amp real soon!

    the special speakers suck IMO. I was not impressed. I thought the older one was better than the newer one. I actually preferred the head version, but that's just me.

    I thought that amp was the best of the modelling stuff out there. congrats.

    My favorite models are probably the 4x10 bassman for cleans and the Dumble ODS for gain. (labeled as boutique drive or something, located about 5:30 on the dial)

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      Re: Getting my new amp real soon!

      yeah, in addition to that, I'm totally digging the Soldano (I thought it was Slash's at first, but still cool) as well as the 212, and the boutique clean was really purty too.


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        Re: Getting my new amp real soon!

        Best of everything with your new amp...I've had my eyes on the 120 watt Valvetronix head that Scott speaks about...I'm going to wait on any big purchases for right now though,especially after coming off a vacation!

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          Re: Getting my new amp real soon!

          I went out today and made a down payment... graduation party this weekend, that means, big dolares should be coming in, and hopefully I go get my new baby on Monday. Then, all I gots to do is switch out my Dime/DD for a JB/APH-1, put an Earvana nut on, and some new sperzels with the drop d thing, a nice new cream colored pickguard, (this is all for my black cherry colored SG), and set it up to 9-46 gauge, and I am set for college. Man, I'm stoked. I'm hoping to be able to sell this pickup combo on Ebay for maybe, like, within 20 bucks of what I am buying the new ones at, and I'm hoping to sell the current amp for within 50 of the price of the new one...



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            Re: Getting my new amp real soon!

            Way to go. You'll be stoked. I love the Soldano, UK 90's and the US Higain. The clean settings are cool, too. But you have to crank it a bit to appreciate those and they sound better on at least the 15 watt setting or higher. The tremelo is fun with the clean settings. Yesterday I was playing around with the AC-30TB and put a fuzz, chorus and delay on it.

            If you have problems with a bit a buzzing, one known cure is to cover the line out and headphone out with tape or a blank plastic cover. Air coming out of the wholes can cuase a buzzing noise. Not a big issue.

            I find, plenty of bass on tap, so I wouldn't worry about not having a closed cab. You can always get a closed back cab in the future.

            I've had mine for six months and have had no problems.

            This is a great amp. You feel connected to it when playing. Enjoy.
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              Re: Getting my new amp real soon!

              i was playin aroun with my friends ad-60 combo and realised it was such a great amp..
              hes selling it but its too much cos the irish prices here are a rip off so im gonna mabye wait and get a used ad60 head , better than using the plywood in those combos..
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