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Squire Tele humbucker-humbucker

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  • Squire Tele humbucker-humbucker

    Yo! As one would guess, a tele with 2 humbcukers doesnt have that twangy bite, duncan-designed pickups or not. Does anyone else own a squire telecaster with humbuckers, particularly the Tele Custom? Has anyone who was that guitar or similar found a way to get a very twangy sound? I just bought a Squire Tele custom cause I love the looks but the tone could improve. What do y'all think, of these guitars, their tones, and whatever?

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    Re: Squire Tele humbucker-humbucker

    I personally love them, but, I don't own one. I played one in the shop and it was one of the best sounding guitars for less than a few hundred bucks.
    You can get a suprisingly good country guitar tone out of a Marshall Halfstack.


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      Re: Squire Tele humbucker-humbucker

      You could 'improve' the tone of the pups you have, throw in some Duncans....but if ya wanted twang, that was not the best choice. Save up and get another Tele with the traditional bridge and neck SC's...can't have too many Tele's, I got 3 and counting.

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        Re: Squire Tele humbucker-humbucker

        You could throw in a coil tap on the buckers and that should give you a little more twang, but it's hard to beat a SC...
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