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New Dimarzio's on a new Ibanez

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  • New Dimarzio's on a new Ibanez

    I've been wanting to play some dimarzio's many because i wanted to judge them against seymour duncans. Well i found this guitar on ebay that already had a paf pro in the neck and a dimarzio "mega drive"whatever that is in the bridge, and i won it for only 355.
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    Re: New Dimarzio's on a new Ibanez

    cool. but i kinda feel that it's a little too much for a stripped-finish RG (no such finish in the catalogues- suspect the owner's doing...). tell us how it sounds like & which Duncan you compared them to.
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      Re: New Dimarzio's on a new Ibanez

      I believe the Mega Drive preceded the X2N. Ibanez ROCKS!!! My favorite guitars. Frank Zappa rocks as well! Nice score, man!
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