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StratDreaminJims New Axes! (Pic)

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    You've done well all around, enjoy and love them all.
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      Thanks Fellas! I do! Indeed I do!



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        thats a great description of a godin, the child of a strat and a lp,

        its really true, every godin ive played (including my own) can do both LP and strat tones, to about 95 %, but it cant nail down either one to 100% (if that makes sense?) its closer to nailing lp tone tho. the neck is also sort of a cross, and the body is more a tele-paul, but whatever.....

        how does that godin sound through the Junoir, the Deville? by the way, which amp do you like better

        sweet axes, and if anything ever happens to the godin, they are a great companyto deal with, i messed my trem up (totally my fault), gave them a call, and they not only sent my the replacement parts (trem posts) free, they paid for shipping, and paid the shop to set up the guitar again.....
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          Man thats good to hear. Good description. It really has Its own personality I feel.

          The amps are both sweet. I like em. I might consider the tweed type mods I read about for the Jr but I'm not seriously unhappy with the stock sound. I generally dont crank it very hard. The Deville Rocks for Blues. I guess thats what it was intended for and it probably does mild warm overdrive best. Heavy distortion is probably not its best venue. If I played more of that style I would probably lean toward Marshalls. When playing heavy overdrive I've always liked the sound of a friends Marshal best.

          Jim :coo2:


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            100% UNHOLY GIBSON.
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