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recommend me a classical acoustic electric

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  • recommend me a classical acoustic electric

    hey guys, can you please give me some recommendations for a classical acoustic electric.

    strugn my old (cheap yamaha beginner model) yesterday and was really enjoying the width of the neck and string spacing..

    I play in an instrumental act weekly and am after the best quality I can get for up to $1000 AU (about $700US)....

    Not sure how it's gonna mix with the other guitarist though... I play rhythm while the other guitarist plays lead (slide country through to rock/metal type songs (minus the distortion)....

    Also, I am a string destroyer.. I go through approx 3 strings per gig night (regardless of string age - I also always take 2guitars on stage for a 40minute set)... so I was thinking of going to nylon to reduce my string costs (as nylons take much more of a beating the steel)

    thanks in advance...

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    oh yeah... it must be available in left handed.


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      Takamine classicals are very nice for the money. They make several differnt models.... Go play a few and see what you like.
      Regarding your string breakage... There could be some very basic things you can do to minimize the amount of string breakage you get. If you are breaking the string at the saddle, you may just have a burr on the saddle causing the strings to break. Pay attention to where the string breaks (nut or saddle). If you examine the nut&saddle and determine a burr, use a jewlers file and file it smooth, then use emory paper to remove the file scratchs until you work up to a very fine steel wool. If the saddle and nut are sound and you continue to break strings consider using graphite saddles and nuts. I did this and have not broken a string since. The other alternative is to go to a heavier gauge of string. From what you said you play mostly rythym. Using a heavier string will make you sound better for rythym also. If you decide to go to a heavier string your guitar will need to be intonated again and possibly a truss rod adjustment. Simple fix for a frustrating problem!!!!
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        If you can afford it and want a topnotch guitar.
        Those are very very good guitars, we sold alot of those back when I worked in the musicstore, very nice and easy to play, plus a great sound that only will improve as long as you keep playing it.


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          thanks for the replies guys....

          I may have to go up in string gauge and uase graphite saddles.. the current saddles seem fine... might drop pick gauge as well while i'm in the process currently use the orange tortex).