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I just made a new guitar head

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  • I just made a new guitar head

    I took the chassis out of my Squier Champ 15b (from the early 80's) to see if I could fix the speaker output and ended hard wiring a 1/4" plug into it. I just made a head... it rocks. The reason I tried to fix the amp (I know you're thinking, "it's a squier,") is becuase it was an amazing sounding amp before it died (for guitar, at least, as a bass amp, it was lack-luster) I mean... it was pretty good sounding, I loved the thing. It had real sparkly hi's, thick mid's and a tight bottom. So, now I have a head with no cabinet or speaker cabinet. It's 15Wrms @ 8ohms, it get's pretty loud, though. Unfortunately, the speaker out only works "in theory," seeing as how ALL my amps are not at home except this one. I tested it with a multi-meter, it had signal....

    So, anyway... I have three questions...
    1. how will this thing drive a 2x10 or 2x12? Will the tone decrease? How loud will it be able to get?
    2. the headphone output is essentially a line out, correct, so I can run that to a mixing board?
    3. how should I go about making a cabinet for the head to be housed in? (keep in mind, I want to keep all the original components intact, so if I ever sell it, I can sell it as original, but with slight improvements, so, no original cabinet chopping)
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    Re: I just made a new guitar head

    I have no idea what you can do with it, but I just got an Avatar cab for my birthday and I plan to run my Squier 15-watt practice amp into it by running a speaker/instrument cable from the ext. speaker jack to the back of the cab. It should work and what you're doing should work, too.
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